Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cutting through the hoops

Ciamh came up with a good one (accidentally I might add):
There's a lot of red tape to jump through


nicolasings said...

Great laughs to be had from these! I have just written a song, inspired by my physics teacher's phrase "You'll have to pull your socks together!"
I got a deal of additional inspiration from your blog and have written Mixed Metaphor Blues. I am going to put it onto youtube as soon as I can actually sing it. Would you like me to email you a copy of the words and is it alright if I cite your blog among other things, as source material?
best wishes Nicola.

Brian Powers said...

Wow! I'm so thrilled to have inspired you! I know I've not updated this in a while (And I haven't checked the comments until today) But I'm going to look up your website.